How to Sell Your Home Fast

How to Sell Your Home Fast

published on March 15, 2018 by PJ Furno

Price, Price, Price.....not Location, Location, Location
With all the resources available to a home seller everybody seems to have an opinion of value. Most home sellers who price their own property end up with a value above true market value. If you want a quick sale, you should be realistic. If your home is priced well, it is going to sell. I don't care if you have the ugliest home in the world, if it is priced appropriately it will sell. Utilizing a real estate professional who understands the market can be a valuable resource. ---------> What Is My Home Worth - Quick Link

Real Estate is no longer a sales business, it is a marketing business. If you, or your real estate professional don't understand how to effectively use current marketing trends you're going to be at a disadvantage to the homes that are marketed well.  I'm not talking about paper flyers and newspaper ads....that is dinosaur marketing and no longer has relevance in todays real estate environment. If your agent doesn't know what Instagram or Snapchat is or doesn't know how to use hashtags to target the right audience its time to rethink your choice in representation.

Some people believe that photography falls under the marketing side...which technically it does, but I believe photography is such an important aspect to selling your home that it deserves its own section. 89% of home buyers in 2016 found that the pictures they found online were extremely helpful when deciding to see a home or not. So basically if your pictures are crap you're missing out on 89% of buyers who might have considered your house if you had good pictures. To be clear I'm not talking about sellers or agents who use their iPhone to take those pictures....a professional real estate photographer needs to be hired. It amazes me that home sellers and/or their agents will not pay the small fee to have professional photographer come in when trying to sell your most valuable asset. Please people hire a professional. 

Make the property easy to show
I know this might seem obvious but you would be surprised how hard it is to show a home sometimes. Be it a for sale by owner who is hard to get in touch with because they are at work or a listing agent who is too busy with other clients. Its pretty simple...Homes that don't get shown don't get sold. You didn't spend all that time preparing your house to list only to turn down showing requests, yes I know it is inconvenient, but how bad do you want your house to sell?

Make sure your house can be found online
Back to marketing (can you get a sense how important marking is yet?) Technology has changed the way that houses were bought and sold, and that technology isn't going anywhere. Home buyers don't even need physically visit the house anymore, emerging 3D spacial technology lets them see your home anywhere in the world just like they are in the room. Today, many potential home buyers weed out listings they don’t want to invest time in online, and then visit the ones in person that look intriguing. Promoting your home’s unique qualities online is a great way to generate more buyers, but you can only do that if your home is marketed correctly.

If you choose to sell with a Realtor, make sure you choose well
There is no rule that says you have to sell a home with a Realtor, or that you even need one...selling a home is not rocket science. But just like anything else you have to weigh the risk vs reward. Will you save commission? Sure will, but at what cost? Constantly letting strangers wander around your house sounds like you know if they are pre approved to actually buy a house? Do you even know who that person is? Lawsuits for unintentional misrepresentation sound like fun don't they? Marketing? Yup here we go you have the time available to figure out how social media works, or spend hours making sure your home is everywhere? Again it isn't rocket science, but that doesn't mean there isn't a special skill set involved to get the job done correctly.

So you have decided to go the evil Realtor route...who to choose, who to choose. To me this has always been an easy question to answer, it has nothing to do with number of houses sold, how many listings they have, or how long they have been in business.Surprise, Surprise....Marketing again. You could have been in business for 30 years and have sold thousands of homes but is all that experience going to get your home sold? Maybe, but wouldn't you rather list your most valuable asset with someone who in touch with the consumer and knows how to best capture their attention to showcase your home to the widest audience available. Honestly what is the point of have 40, 50 , 100 listings? To prove that you don't know how to market them correctly and can't sell them? Anyway I point is that the more seasoned isn't always your best choice, so choose wisely. 


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